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The All New 2016 Super Summer Slimdown is HERE!

It’s BACK!  The ALL NEW for 2016 Super Summer Slimdown is in the HOUSE!  Your house, my house, your neighbor’s house… hopefully if you share the love… and maybe even the meal prep!  You know you are excited.  You did the plan last year and got some bomb ass results.  Yep,  your bootay started looking fabulous!  Then winter happened.  And the holidays.  And, quite frankly, you could hide all your shapely muscles under layers and layers of clothing (AKA body fat). But here it is again, summer is here.  It is here with a vengeance and you have some trips to take and some clothes to shed.  I mean who actually wears parkas in the SUMMER?!?!  At least here in AZ where it has hit the triple digits already.  It is the dreaded swimsuit shopping season. Cruise season.  Or just plain summer vacay season.

So just for you!  I heard your cries and I answered with this new plan.  Same style as last year.  Let’s keep it simple.  2 1-day plans.  Follow plan 1 for 7 days then switch it up to plan 2 for 7 days.  Or if you need more variety you can alternate your days.  Get all crazy with it!  Each plan is 1 single day, 6 meals each.  I tried (again!) to keep prep pretty simple but there is still some needed.  After all, the less processed your foods the better (and faster!) your body will respond.

But don’t despair.  We have some serious flavor going on in here.  My new brownie recipe even makes its debut in this one.  And I’ve got some definite yummos from clients that have already tried this plan.

It is time for your muscles to come out of hibernation.  I know they are there!  Let the sunlight shine down on them.

As with all my plans… no fads.  No gimmicks.  This is 100% real food nutrition.  You don’t have to love it.  You just have to follow it.  Remember this is short term.  You have a goal.  Let’s kick some ass.  K?  Ready to go?  Let’s get it done!

The official group starts June 1st but you can start now.  It’s your call.  I’m easy like that.  I’m so SUPER excited about this!  Who’s in?!


Get the plan for just $59!

Share this post on your FB page get it for $50.  Just message me the link to the post or tag me in it!  Thank you for sharing and supporting my little world!

Want more variety? Add on the previous 2 week Super Summer Slimdown and Hot for the Holidays plan for an additional $25 each!

Keep in mind this IS a one size fits all plan. Not my norm but it produces great results.  Of course please remember the basics… the more you have to lose the more you will lose in a shorter amount of time.  Be realistic here folks.  And for goodness sakes if you have some pre-existing medical condition then please see a doctor first to get their approval.  I’m not your doctor and this isn’t customized for all your aches, pains, and medical conditions.  And, as always, please message me if you have any questions.  I’m here for you.

Purchase and payment:

So if you are interested then shoot me a private message with your email address so I can bill you via PayPal.  All plans will be delivered within 24-48 hours.  I will also send you my client questionnaire to fill out so you can record your starting measurements and snap some photos (I know!  It’s JUST your STARTING point and they are for my eyes only! No need to be shy.) And the reports have graphs.  Who doesn’t like graphs?  If you need a truly customized plan those are available for a small additional fee. Thank you for your support!

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