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Get HOT for the holidays!

Halloween and all of its sugary goodness has passed.  Thanksgiving gave you that excuse to splurge.  Now you are looking in your closet at that outfit you were planning on wearing to that holiday party.  Yep.  THAT outfit.  And now you’re thinking to yourself, “WHY did I let myself get so out of control over the holidays?”  I know you made that pact with yourself.  You said you wouldn’t do it. But it’s just so hard to resist all of that goodness.  The food that you, your family, or your friends slaved over.  The caloric drinks that go along with all of the food and fun.  Now you have the sweet tooth from hell and cravings like crazy.  Not to mention the appetite (and waistline) to go with it.  So what’s a girl to do?  You’ve got just weeks to fit into THAT outfit.

But we can do better, can’t we?  ABSOLUTELY!  Let’s get you into that outfit, kill your cravings, trim your waistline, expand your energy, and give you a jumpstart on all of those great New Year’s resolutions.  So here we are.  Back in business and hitting the ground running.  My Getting Hot for the Holidays Meal Plan with bonus exercise program is HERE!  And it just happens that Cyber Monday hits at the exact same time.  You know what that means?  50% off this fantastic little plan to get you to your goals.  So come one. Come all.  Let’s get our holiday party started!

OK. What kind of plan is this?

For all of you that were around for my Super Summer Slimdown this will be familiar to you.  It is run the exact same way.  2 meal plans.  Not 7 day plans but 1 SINGLE day that you repeat each day for 7 days.  Then hop onto plan number 2 for week 2.  Again.  The same foods every day for 7 days.  You can do this plan for up to 4 weeks but no longer than that.

Why is that?

Because these plans are low in calories.  So if you are on a plan that is too low in calories for too long you will have the opposite results.  We are here to trick your body into super fast fat loss.  Wake it up from that food coma.  Doing this for too long will end up slowing your metabolism down and that will send you down a long road of disappointment.  I’m not going into the details of why here but feel free to join my Facebook group to learn more about it.  It’s a private group so send me a message if you would like an invite.  So no more than 4 weeks.  Got it?  Good.

Another great thing about this plan is that it’s great for this busy time of year.  Cook once and then eat all week. It’s regimented.  You just follow the plan and I tell you what to do.  No trying to figure out what to cook or grab at the store.  It’s like having your own personal trainer sitting on your shoulder making sure you make the right choices.  That’s simple enough, right?  Print out the plan.  Do what it says.  Drop some serious body fat.  Easy peasy.


Get the plan for just $59!

Share this post on your FB page get it for $50.  Just message me the link to the post or tag me in it!  Thank you for sharing and supporting my little world!

Want more variety? Add on the 2 week Super Summer Slimdown plan for an additional $25!

Keep in mind this IS a one size fits all plan. Not my norm but it produces great results.  Lose up to 10 pounds in a week!  Of course please remember the basics… the more you have to lose the more you will lose in a shorter amount of time.  Be realistic here folks.  And for goodness sakes if you have some pre-existing medical condition then please see a doctor first to get their approval.  I’m not your doctor and this isn’t customized for all your aches, pains, and medical conditions.  And, as always, please message me if you have any questions.  I’m here for you.

Purchase and payment:

If you are interested then shoot me a message with your email address so I can bill you via PayPal.  All plans will be delivered within 24-48 hours.  I will also send you my client questionnaire to fill out so you can record your starting measurements and snap some photos (I know!  It’s JUST your STARTING point and they are for my eyes only! No need to be shy.) And the reports have graphs.  Who doesn’t like graphs?  If you are a picky eater and would like a customized plan created for you and the foods you like, those are available for a small additional fee. Thank you again for your support!


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