Heather Hickson

Hi!  My name is Heather and I fight fat for a living.  Well, that might be a bit of a simplistic way to put it but it’s definitely what I’m known for.  I have 16 years experience as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and health coach.

What started as a journey into the gym world of lifting weights turned into a fascination of how the human body can change in a short period of time with some tweaks to your macronutrients and calorie intake.  My insatiable appetite for everything related to nutrition has expanded my innate abilities from simple fat loss to food allergies, gut health, hormone balance, thyroid problems, diabetes, absorption issues, leaky gut, other auto immune conditions and how they can be related.  So it turns out it’s never about fat loss.  Well… maybe initially for my clients.  It’s a slippery slope. But it always turns into “how can I help you be healthier”… and not just in your body but how this affects your mind as well.

My Life

I’m a mom of 2 young princesses that are exploring the world of nutrition with me.  My nutrition evolution began with an elimination diet to help out my seasonal allergies and turned into a life changing program for me, my clients, and even my youngest daughter.  You see, her pediatricians wanted to treat her skin issues with steroid creams.  Thank goodness I know better.  So I’ve been there. Lack of time, tired, beyond tired, hormones, craziness, family life, single life, working life, don’t want to cook dinner, can’t the kids feed themselves, is sugar (or wine!) a food group, what gluten free bread will my kid actually eat?!  Yes! You can teach a 4 year old to own her food allergy like a boss!  And to do their own laundry… well maybe that last part took a few more years and some bribing… and maybe a threat or two.

What I Do

I create step by step coaching programs that revolve around your likes, dislikes, time to commit, ability to cook, family life and will even progress with you as you develop a healthier lifestyle.  It’s about baby steps my friend!  What initially starts as an easy fat loss program will inevitably turn into a healthy lifestyle change program. Start with a plan that evolves with you and your body with foods that won’t bore you.  Learn your body so you can adapt your program through the years. Kiss the weight loss struggle goodbye! It’s not about a one size fits all plan or what next fad diet to try to fit in your jeans but what plan fits you!  Don’t fail before you even begin. And definitely don’t reinvent the wheel.  Who has time for that anyway?! Don’t know where to start?  Book a FREE Discovery Session with me today!

Thank YOU HEATHER! I’m down 14.5 pounds in less than a month and my husband and I WON our weight loss challenge with another couple. Your holiday meal plan was AWESOME!!! I wasn’t even hungry when I was on it. That lentil soup was the bomb!!! Merry Christmas! {Brenda}

I'm glad you are here!

So grab a cup of herbal tea (who am I kidding!) COFFEE and stay awhile.  Check out my programs. Check out my blog.  Heck, check out my cute cat on Instagram.  Get to know me.  And download a free program to get to know how I can help you.  Thank you for visiting and being part of my world!

My Experience

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Happy Customers

Heather has helped me reach every goal I have set!  She was the reason for me completing ironman Arizona in 2011 and is currently working with me as I battle cancer.  She is not just a fantastic trainer, but truly a lady who loves the people she works with and making sure they exceed their goals! {James}

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