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The All New 2016 Super Summer Slimdown is HERE!

It’s BACK!  The ALL NEW for 2016 Super Summer Slimdown is in the HOUSE!  Your house, my house, your neighbor’s house… hopefully if you share the love… and maybe even the meal prep!  You know you are excited.  You did the plan last year and got some bomb ass results.  Yep,  your bootay started looking […]

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31 Days of Fitness Frenzy Day 5

Are you ready for day #5? Let’s do this!   10 stationary lunges each leg   You are going to do 10 on one leg then switch to the other side. Make sure your stance is long enough that your knees doesn’t go forward of your toe. You will hear this a lot! Begin the […]

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31 Days of Fitness Frenzy Day 4

It’s day number 4!  Are you ready? 30 second plank (drop to your knees if you need to modify) Make sure you keep you back flat! No sagging in your low back. Squeeze every muscle! Don’t forget to breathe! 25 bodyweight squats from Day 3 30 second wall sit from Day 2 10 minutes of stretching […]

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31 Days of Fitness Frenzy Day 3

We are moving on to our 3rd day of the Fitness Frenzy. Are you ready? 25 bodyweight squats or as many as you can before your form starts to fail. Your stance should be about hip width apart. Weight in your heels. Shoulders back, chest out, abs tight. Begin the squat by pushing your hips/butt […]

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31 Days of Fitness Frenzy Day 2

Exercise Challenge Day 2!   It’s day #2. Time to start the fun stuff!   30 second wall sit Just park your butt against a sturdy wall and sit for 30 seconds or until you can’t hold it any longer. Make sure you leave yourself enough energy so you can get back up! No falling […]

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Whole Food Cleanse Day 2

Whole Food Cleanse Day 2.  Challenge time!   Today’s nutrition challenge isn’t much of a challenge. It’s more of a statement.   Drink. More. Water.   I had you gradually upping your water intake during the Pre-Cleanse and would love to see you drinking a MINIMUM of 80 ounces of water per day. This is what […]

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Whole Food Cleanse Day 1

CLEANSE Day 1   I hope everyone had a great Sunday. Meal planning, grocery shopping, prepping food, mentally preparing yourself for the start of the cleanse… having your last cup of coffee. 😉   I took Sunday off of talking your ear off to give you some alone time. Did you miss me?   I’m […]

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31 Days of Fitness Frenzy – Day 1

Day 1 of 31.  Let the challenge begin!   Welcome to your first bodyweight exercise challenge! Are you excited to get your body moving again For those participating in my cleanse, did you know that exercise will help you to flush those toxins out of your body? And you know it will help those of […]

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Day 6 of the Pre-Cleanse

Day #6 of the Pre-Cleanse is here!   Is everyone EXCITED to get started?!?!?! I really hope you are…. because you are going to hate this part… until 1 month from now when you get to see your results Promise (mostly).   It’s picture and measurement time!!!! Yep. I don’t care what you think of […]

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Day 5 of the Pre-Cleanse

We are onto day #5 of the Pre-Cleanse. Sit tight, this is a long one. We are getting ready to kick this cleanse into high gear and there is a lot to go over. This post mainly pertains to those that are all in for the food portion of the cleanse. Remember that if you […]

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Though it was a few moons ago, you helped whip me into shape and pursue my colligate dreams of being a division 1 softball player!! You pushed me beyond limits and strengthened not only my physical game but my mental game as well as you showed me I was able to always push further than I thought I was capable of. I loved being your guinea pig on multiple occasions as you could always find new ways to torture me, I mean make me stronger.  And then there were a few occasions when I had to embarras…
Tonya WebsterPhoenix, AZ